Introduction to the Product Roadmap

Tags: product roadmap, marketing, salesPosted: 05/01/2017

What Is a Product Roadmap? A product roadmap is a strategic document that guides organizations and teams on how to document, plan, and execute the overall mission, vision, and strategy of the stakeholders. Product roadmaps are visual depictions that show cross-functional activities over time that…

What’s in Your URL? Only Your Future

Tags: websites, Federal IT, marketingPosted: 07/01/2014

When registering a company website, IT folk tend to treat the process as a necessary evil. “Oh, isn’t available? Ok, is fine.” This is terribly myopic. While seemingly trivial, your corporate URL is, in fact, critical. Don’t let it be an afterthought—make this…

Company Branding: IT Department to the Rescue? Yes.

Tags: Federal IT, marketingPosted: 06/01/2014

What does your e-mail signature block say? Name? Title? Maybe some contact information? One of the first things new employees do is create a “signature block” for…