DISA’s Approach to Modernization

Tags: GITEC, modernization, management, securityPosted: 04/18/2017

At the Defense Information Systems Agency, Alfred Rivera serves as director of the Development and Business Center. As part of the Combat Support Agency providing an enterprise infrastructure to DOD end users and its mission partners, “my focus is really on putting new capability in the department…

Enterprise Architecture, Modernization, and Agile – It Can Be Done!

Tags: Agile, modernizationPosted: 04/03/2017

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has provided recommendations to agencies such as Veterans Affairs (VA), Social Security Administration (SSA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Census Bureau (Bureau) for modernizing their legacy systems and processes. There is a common…

Even if it Ain’t Broke…Fix it

Tags: legacy systems, modernization, ITILPosted: 10/01/2011

Our kids are getting old enough to have a computer to use for games and homework. They don’t need much – just Internet and word processing really – so we gave them an old Mac Pro that we picked up for a hundred bucks. We brought it home, turned it on, and jumped online. But we didn’t connect – no…