configuration management

Configuration Management Processes: Bio-Distributed

Tags: configuration management, Configuration Status Accounting, Configuration Audits, Configuration Control, Configuration Identification, Configuration Control Board, Configuration Items, System LifecyclePosted: 12/20/2016

Configuration Management (CM) is a structured engineering discipline intended to identify, manage, and monitor all hardware, software, documentation, and required items created and modified during the system lifecycle (SLC) phases. These items make up the configuration of a release baseline and are…

Do good things come in small packages?

Tags: Lean process, ITIL, patch management, configuration management, change managementPosted: 01/01/2012

Sometimes, the practical solution to a problem doesn’t end up being the most efficient—or it causes us to rethink our definition of efficiency. After all, even if a solution seems efficient, it may not be fit for a given purpose. A Toyota Prius is more fuel-efficient than a school bus, but if you…