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Silicon Valley Vet Discusses Being ‘Old’ in Tech World

Karen Wickre was offered a job at Google at age 52, and as the company and team grew, she noticed most of the incomers were younger. Though this was 15 years ago, not much has changed in the tech industry, as Wickre herself has worked for people 10, 20 and 30 years younger than her. Based on her experiences, Wickre provided a list of ways the “olds” in tech can get more love.

She included after-hours socializing, taking advantage of career development opportunities and mentoring programs, continuing outside education and learning, participating in volunteer activities and phasing out retirement. Wired.

Reports Say Hackers Claim to Have 1.5 Terabytes of HBO Data

A person or group going by the name Mr. Smith claims to have hacked HBO and stolen information pertaining to the network and its popular show, “Game of Thrones.” Along with miscellaneous proprietary information, the stolen documents reportedly include “Game of Thrones” scripts, job offer letters and personal emails belonging to an HBO executive. 

The security incident is also said to have led to a data dump of episode leaks and postings of stolen HBO files. Mr. Smith also released a video demanding HBO pay a ransom in order to stop any further leaks, as the hacker or hackers claim to have even more data. HBO has called the FBI for help. NBC News. Associated Press.

Data.Gov Gets New Metrics Page

Data.Gov, the metadata catalog, provides information about and links to open data sets made available by federal agencies and state, county and city governments. It shows the title, description, keywords, contact information and download links for about 200,000 data sets. The new, improved update Metrics page breaks down all the data sets currently on Data.gov, making it easier to explore the progress of the catalog.

The Metrics include the number of federal data sets versus nonfederal, the number of agencies featured, how many data sets are listed by each agency, more info on how many data sets are contributed by components within an agency, and a “Latest Entry” column showing the date of the most recent change in an agency’s data set collection. DigitalGov.Gov.

AWS Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

CNCF is a Google-led effort started in 2015 to promote Kubernetes, a modern method of deploying and managing software containers―making the Amazon Web Services move a noteworthy one. This is because Amazon has its own take on container management called Elastic Container Engine, which is seen as a rival to Kubernetes, leaving some wondering what this membership means. Kubernetes is popular among companies, as it aims to make it easier to move software applications from one set of infrastructure to another.

Along with Google, Amazon is joining big names like AT&T, Twitter, Cisco, eBay, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Intel and more, in CNCF (most of the cloud universe now, except for Oracle). Fortune.

Goodbye Opioids, Hello Wearable Tech

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 90 people die from opioid (including prescription drug) overdoses each day. So when David Nipple was hit by a drunk driver on his motorcycle in 2014 and lost half his leg, he chose not to take his prescribed narcotics. Rather, he found a clinical trial through Facebook to test a wearable device called the Sprint PNS System from the startup SPR Therapeutics.

The device― the size of an Apple Watch―attaches to the skin with a patch and connects to a thin wire. The wire uses small electrical pulses to stimulate nerves, providing users with targeted pain relief. The device received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration last year, and the company is working to commercialize it. CNNTech.

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