5 Government Leaders Honored for Mobile Innovation

The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center held its Federal Mobile Computing Summit on March 28 in Washington D.C., where it highlighted the technology and strategies the federal government is using to improve agencywide mobility efforts.

During the event, ATARC paused to present its Mobile Innovation Awards, which recognized five individuals in the federal space who have used “mobile tools and technology to better accomplish the mission of their agency,” as the center has previously described it. Yet, after a morning of panels and speakers included talks of mobile IT standards, security and application authorizations, ATARC Founder and President Tom Suder rephrased the awards to Mobile Innovations in Ground Security.

“If you don’t have security baked in, you’re not going to get very far inside your organizations,” Suder said.

The awardees were:

  1. Joshua Franklin, IT security specialist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  2. Bob Clemons, senior engineer at the National Information Assurance Partnership
  3. Michael Ogata, computer scientist at NIST and cybersecurity co-lead at NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research Division
  4. Art Mosley, security solutions architect and security engineering branch manager at the Homeland Security Department.
  5. Richard Jones, federal mobility 2.0 program manager at the General Services Administration

Franklin was recognized for his involvement in NIST’s analysis of fourth-generation Long Term Evolution and for his work at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence’s Mobile Device Security Building Block. He is also behind NIST’s Mobile Threat Catalogue, which categorizes threats to mobile devices, best practices to protect enterprise IT and mitigation techniques.

Clemons was acknowledged for his ongoing evangelism efforts informing the intelligence community of NIAP’s value to security and assurance, and Ogata for his focus on mobile application and work with cybersecurity at NIST since 2013. As part of public safety, Ogata has been working closely with the First Responder Network Authority, the creation of the nation’s first nationwide public safety broadband network. At the event, he also said he’s currently working on extending NIST’s existing software assurance program for desktop computers into the mobile application space.

ATARC commended Mosley as the program manager for the DHS Carwash program, a successful standardization and privacy policy for mobile application security and development. Jones, who also served as master of ceremonies during the event, manages GSA’s enterprise mobility program, which helps to inform agencies on mobile security management, including MDM and mobile application management.

The combination of conversation between panelists and awardee speeches proved these successes and achievements in government IT met and will continue to meet obstacles. For those in government struggling to make a change, Mosley advised to “keep your courage, speak truth and let the chips fall where they fall.”